Friday, May 24, 2013

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How To Healthy Life With No Drugs? - Here ten tips about healthy life without drugs.

First, recognize yourself, both physically and mentally

This is the first tips for healthy living, which is to recognize the physical and psychological condition of our own. Self-introduction of physical and psychiatric conditions is very important to provide the basis for making decisions with appropriate measures to safeguard our health, for example, about what is good and should be done, and what are not. When we realized that we are no longer young age, our age goes fifty, the effort to reduce fatty foods already have begun to do. Moreover, if we already know that based on the results of medical examination it turns out we have the symptoms of high blood pressure, it is an attempt to prevent foods that can trigger high blood pressure as well as we should do this anyway. Indeed, recognizing ourselves we can easily do, but the action that we have to do is not easy. Moreover, if the action it has become a habit that is not easy to stop, now you have to say no for cigarettes (for example). Who does not know that smoking can cause many diseases. But the thing that does not stop it being easy to do. You know the theory of cooking frog? If not, God willing, I'm going to explain it on this page.
healthy life without drugs
Second, do not rush to feel sick and taking medicine

Just because sneezing, coughing, or a slight fever, people have decided to take the medicine or comes to the doctor. Though often after standing three days to the symptoms disappear. The body does have the ability to heal itself. Only with sufficient rest, the pain symptoms can go away soon. Symptoms of dizziness and sometimes even can be lost just as breath of fresh air in the park is not polluted exhaust air.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Read about 6 tips for healthy heart below :

1. Reduce foods high in saturated fat.

Saturated fats are easily transformed into "bad cholesterol" that raises risk of coronary heart disease. You must observe. Skin of poultry, red meat / stumbling-brisket and whole milk contains a lot of saturated fat. Expand eat seafood rich in omega-3 and veggies / fruits rich in fiber and vitamins. Choose low-fat milk.
2. Reduce the portion of salt.

If you have high blood pressure, beware of foods that contain high salt and MSG. Replace snacks like nuts onions, chips, crusty bread with salted snack low in salt.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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10 Benefits of jogging - Scientific reason why jogging can make us healthier:
Researchers have declared, jogging is one way to stay young. "And from a variety of existing 'cardio sport', jogging has been named as a sport that can make the body primed and stay young," said JoAnn Manson, MD., Prevention division chief at the hospital Brigham and Women's.
benefits of jogging for health

Here are 10 scientific explanation reveals why jogging can maintain our youth:

1. Sharpening your eyes:
The man who ran 56 km in a week, tends to successfully reduce the risk of disruption due to aging eyesight to 54 percent, when compared with those who ran only 16 Km per week.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

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Lose 3 kg with cheap healthy tips - Here's six fast diet program is quite safe to do. If you consistently carry out programs under this diet, you will definitely lose weight 3 Kg in one week.

cheap weight lose tips

Below the 6th fast diet program that you can apply to lose 3 kg with cheap healthy tips: