Thursday, November 14, 2013

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Easy way on how to remove body odor - Humans are quite sensitive in terms of odors. Considerable odor is sometimes easy to smell and can quickly be found. The same thing with the smell of farts, the smell of cigarette smoke, the smell of something burning, the smell of food, the smell of cooking in the house next door, also one of which is the individual's body odor. Even some people who have a very sensitive sense of smell at all. So little stinky smell will smell stung him, so as to make the person feel uncomfortable or even upset.
how to remove body odor

Any average person has body odor or smell its distinctive entities. For example, Person A has a characteristic smell of a perfume, the scent of body B has the perfume of fruit, the C has a characteristic smell of expensive perfume, and the D has a characteristic smell of body odor. Pity the D really is, what causes body odor wafted over when she appeared to use perfume?

Sometimes, expensive perfumes that we use can’t even hide the smell of body odor is more obvious. The body odor besides making us restless, not simply believing in myself and ashamed, would also reduce the value of our appearance because of body odor is not uncommon to make friends we are talking about friends or family. We do not want to be labeled as the body odor, don’t we? Body odor that you may be experiencing now this should be addressed immediately because if the delay continues to be delayed, we will already be known as the body odor.

Body odor arises not because we do not wear perfume or clothes that we wear clothes did not use deodorant, but emerging body odor due to the growing number of bacteria from our bodies. These bacteria left to attach to and mixed with the sweat that we remove a bad odor. In fact, the sweat itself is odorless.

Instead of expensive perfume and luxury that can eliminate your body odor. But, instead of natural ingredients available in your home who can eliminate body odor. What are the natural ingredients that can eliminate the body odor? Here are some ways that you can do to eliminate body odor and restore confidence in your appearance:

How to eliminate body odor naturally
  • Do proper bathing more often. Body odor comes from bacteria. With frequent bathing, the bacteria will be reduced and body odor will disappear a little bit.
  • Combine the ginger juice into the water to be used for bathing.
  • Reduce the consumption of onions. In addition to causing body odor, onions can also create unpleasant mouth odor.
  • Boil some betel leaves and drink the water from the cooking daily basis.
  • Eating basil leaves which can reduce body odor
  • Rub the cucumber to the area frequently to smell on your body.
Thus are easy way on how to remove body odor, try it and good luck!

Friday, November 8, 2013

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Homemaking natural herbs for vagina fragrant - Maintaining reproductive health is a duty we so much of the disease and of course for the sake of harmonious sexual life in the present and in the future. This is not only to please the men, but also yourself.
Homemaking natural herbs for vagina fragrant
For women, reproductive organs such as the vagina should be special attention because it is physiologically different from the penis shape that is outside. For that to your vagina healthy and fragrant, the following herbal ingredients which are naturally presented expert and easy to make.

The ingredients:
25 grams of basil leaves
5 grams of pandan leaves for fragrant
5 grams of palm sugar
salt to taste

How to make:
Finely crushed all ingredients, add 1/2 cup water, stir, squeeze and strain.

How to use:
Drink once a day after meals or at bedtime for 2 weeks. Once drinking is half a glass.

Thus herbal ingredients to make your vagina smell fragrant.