Sunday, October 20, 2013

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The foods to improve healthy hair - Is it normal for hair care using shampoo, conditioner, or Spa Treatment. But it was all a treatment from the outside only. The hair needs to be improve the texture that is by eating foods that give effect to the health of the hair.
the foods for healthy hair

Here are the examples of foods that can nourish and treat hair texture :

1. Egg, these foods contain a particular vitamin called biotin. Point to encourage hair growth and thicken. Deficiency can cause hair dry and brittle. Eggs also maintain the overall health of your scalp.

2. Green vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli and other green vegetables contain vitamins A and C will produce oil in the scalp naturally. It is useful as well as hair conditioners.

3. Strawberry, is a fruit that is rich in vitamin C. Fruits that contain vitamin C will absorb iron and increase the growth of healthy hair. Eat some strawberries per day can help hair growth.

4. Nuts, this food is a source of natural fats that the body needs to survive. Peanuts, almonds and other nuts contain biotin and natural oils that make hair bright. Nuts are also a good source of iron and protein. Nuts have healthy hair nutrients and expel hair loss.

5. Salmon, the menu is very rich in protein. Salmon helps maintain hair strength so that it remains healthy. Salmon is loaded with omega - 3 fatty acids, which are good for the health of the scalp.

6. Fresh abd red meat, lack of iron in the body can cause baldness. Fresh meat is not only important for the body, but also for the hair. Red meat helps the hair growth faster, makes hair shiny and strong. If you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair, check iron levels in the body.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

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Easy tips how to make breast toned - Breast toned, beautiful and healthy will give you a sexy appearance and this would be the dream of every woman. But sometimes due to various factors, both related to the breast itself as the shrinking of the mammary gland, breast sagging, the weakening of the connective tissue supporting the breast and reduced elasticity of the breast skin, especially after childbirth or while breastfeeding or external factors namely the high cost of treatment to make your breasts toned and sexy, like a breast lift surgery. Not to mention the risks or side effects of the surgery.
how to make breast toned

But here, you can get it all with the breast care tips that can be done traditionally by using a banana. Surely this way without any side effects and are much cheaper than having to take breast lift.

Here's how to make the banana's mask for toning the breasts naturally ;
  1. - Meat two bananas that have been clean (already removed the skin) smoothed it with pounded.
  2. - Mix with one teaspoon of salt and honey to taste. Make sure all ingredients mixed thoroughly.
  3. - Spread evenly in the breast as you were using a mask.
  4. - Take a few moments until the breast mask dries.
  5. - Then rinse with warm water.
  6.  -IMPORTANT ...! Do not apply the potion on the nipple will cause a negative effect, such as being enlarged. This is due to the condition of the surface of the nipple skin is different from the skin around the breast.
Once you have toned and beautiful breasts would want it not only a moment. To maintain the beauty breast needs to be done with some tips as below:
  1. - Use a bra that is proportional to the size and shape of your breasts.
  2. - Doing a regular exercise because it is important to train the chest muscles.
  3. - Eat a balanced diet with calories enough so that your body weight will make the ideal breast shape into reasonable.

Avoid using towels or other hard objects, especially on the skin around the nipple or areola, especially at the nipples. This is because the area contains a little of collagen.