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Reflexology Point for Headaches - Almost everyone has experienced a headache and maybe even quite often. The cause of headache is vary, could be due to too tired, a lot of thought and expense, too much activity and work, too much staring at computer screens, and so forth.
headache reflexology

There are many ways to treat these headaches, either by taking chemical drugs or traditional medicine. But actually there is another natural way to treat headaches that very cheap and can doing yourself at home, by doing Reflexology. To treat Headaches with Reflexology, you must know either the Reflection Regional points on the face, ears, feet and hands. Here's a point of headaches reflexology well in the face, ears, hands and feet.
  • Spots Facial Reflexology to Treat Headaches. Massage the nerve center point (near the lip under the chin), pai hui (top middle of the head), and tri heating (forehead above the right and left).
  • Hand Reflexology Point to Treat Headaches.Massage at the point of the heart (upper end of the little finger and the ball of the middle finger), thai ling (inner wrist), as well as the head of the ailing.
  • Foot Reflexology point for headache.Massage at the point of sinus and cerebrum (the upper end of the whole finger), liver (segment below the ring finger), heart (the ball of the middle finger) and spleen (middle part of the palm is parallel to the ring finger).
  • Ear Reflexology point to Treat Headaches.Massage at the point of the brain membrane, pituitary gland and endocrine gland are all located around the ear hole on the bottom.
It is important to note, you have to know and understand how Massaging Techniques Reflection, because without this knowledge might rub you wrong. Below is a video of Foot Reflexology point for Headache cure:

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