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Breastfeeding can prevent depression - Breastfeeding is not only good for babies, but also good for the mother. By giving the breastfeeding her baby, the mother had the baby blues risks will be reduced. If a mother too soon discontinue breastfeeding can trigger depression.
breastfeeding can prevent depression

During pregnancy, maternal vitamin store in a high level that the baby needs to thrive. Well, in the first 6 months after birth, they need 76 percent of the vitamin. As for adults, if the buildup is too much of this vitamin can then turn into poison.

In the process of feeding the baby, a mother's vitamin A transfer to his son. If this vitamin accumulates because the mother did not give breastfeeding to their children, it can lead to depression.

Breastfeeding can transfer essential nutrients for the baby, but at the same time is also a natural way of reducing vitamin A on maternal konsentrbreastfeeding potentially be toxic.
Experts from Jackson State University, the U.S., warned that if the mother chose to give her baby formula or stop breastfeeding too early will cause depression. It is the awakening of the impact of vitamin A in the brain.

Approximately 80 percent of new mothers experience mild depression and about ten percent have postpartum depression. For this condition, some experts blame hormonal changes. But there are other possible causes of depression, such as a history of depression, mental illness, smoking, and alcohol consumption.

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